Bargain Family Holidays

Published: 05th October 2009
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When everyone is looking for bargain family holidays and make their hard earned money stretch as far as possible, many families are giving up going on vacation. Its times like these that families need to go on vacation. Time away, to focus on what is the main priority (your family) and just enjoy being together is important. It is also beneficial to your health and the happiness of your family. Don't worry about spending a fortune; there are places that you can go and it won't break the bank.

There is still time this year for you to fit in that much needed family vacation. Many families look at the winter bargain family holidays as their chance to get away. For those that are looking at heading to warmer waters and white sand beaches in the Caribbean you are going to find that airfare and travel accommodations are less expensive. The key is to book in advanced, and prioritize your family getaway.

If you prefer to stay in the states though you can take a trip to the Florida Keys, this destination offers a family a great place to relax or enjoy a wonderful adventure. You can enjoy the palm tree lined beaches, go diving, fishing or golfing. Dreams of heading out for an African Safari as a family, you don't have to go that far to enjoy many of the same attractions. Head to San Diego and visit The San Diego Wild Animal Park. The animals that you would find in the African jungle are going to be roaming the park. The San Diego Wild Animal Park does not keep the animals in cages and you get a guided tour by a knowledgeable guide.

Of course the perfect bargain family holidays does not happen without careful planning and knowing a few tips to keep the expense as low as possible. First you have to time it right. While many people are surfing the net trying to find the best deals on the weekend, you need to be looking for pocket friendly air far Mondays after 3pm ET through Wednesday night. These are the times the airlines are trying to unload empty seats and fill the planes. Thursdays are the day that fares go up, and Friday and Saturdays are even more expensive. Also you may want to consider flying on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This will also help lower your fares.

Looking for hotel accommodations, try to book a suite for your family. While a suite is usually less expensive than two hotel rooms, it can save you money other ways. This means that if you can make dinner or lunch in the hotel you can save the expense of eating out for every meal the entire vacation. This alone can save a family of four hundreds of dollars over a 4 or 5 day vacation.

While booking earlier has its definite advantages, there are also benefits to booking last minute. Many hotels slash prices due to people canceling or the hotel is just not filling up. So call around and see if you can find similar accommodations for the bargain family holidays to what you already have booked for less. If you find one then call the hotel you are staying at and ask them if they would be willing to lower their price to meet the competitions or you would like to cancel your reservation. For most hotels you can cancel within 48 hours without penalty if you have booked in advanced.

Before you completely give up on going on a family vacation take a look at the tips and destination recommendations listed for bargain family holidays. You just may be surprised to find that a vacation that would've cost you a lot before, if you follow the tips above, could cost you significantly less.

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